Beginning Nosework

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Description: Nosework is an up-and-coming dog sport that has been spreading rapidly across the country. It is based on detection dog training. Nosework dogs search out various odors (such as Birch, Anise and Clove) and are rewarded when they find the odor. Searches start out easy at the beginning level and progress in difficulty as the dog becomes "odor obedient". Beginning Nosework will teach your dog how to recognize the first odor, Birch, and how to progress from finding that odor in your hand to finding it in various containers (types of boxes). Building drive and speed will be part of the practice as the class progresses.

This is a six week class with 1 hour lessons.

Prerequisites: Dogs should have basic obedience training like sit, down and come, but all practice is done on leash.

Cost: $120.00 Inactive members/non-members, $90.00 Active members

Location: 4RK9's [map]

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